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Tomer Peretz is a Los Angeles-based conceptual artist and painter. An artist since his childhood in Jerusalem, Peretz utilizes a spectrum of platforms, including oil and acrylic painting, photography, and conceptual art, to express his unique and contemporary point of view. With an appreciation for realism, surrealism and the unknown, his breadth of work spans across contemporary and figurative art. Every piece highlights an underlying theme, element of mystery and more than meets the eye. Peretz does not paint in vain. A traveler and spiritual wanderer, his work is inspired by stories and people that have impacted his life and spirit as he captures his subject in a raw and candid light. A passionate philanthropist and visionary, his art and installations serve to highlight his passions and beliefs and have helped raise money for philanthropic causes he strongly resonates with.

Peretz has received many private portrait commissions from A-list celebrities across the globe and custom requests from some of the entertainment industry’s top tier artists, musicians, industry professionals, photographers, actors and more. In 2014, Peretz was awarded the inaugural Arthur Szyk Prize for Disruptive Thought. His artwork has been featured in exhibitions throughout the world. Specifically featured in art shows throughout Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Israel. Peretz’s art has been showcased at Art Basel, Miami, and most recently added to the impressive roster of Fabrica Eos in Milan, Italy.

artist’s statement

Art, to me, is the ultimate way to take all that is dark, hidden, dangerous and hideous, and turn it to a thing of beauty…

I mainly use oil and occasionally work with acrylic, pencil, charcoal – basically anything I could scribble with. My paintings are mostly large scale, abstract, portraits and figures. My sources of influence are eclectic: My own childhood in Jerusalem, my military service in the I.D.F. and my travels around the world. The inspiration for my work comes from people I meet, places I go, stories I hear… As I walk my path, I let my imagination carry me to other places and capture the moment. I’m also inspired by the Master Artists such as David LaChapelle, Andy Warhol, John Singer Sargent, Salvador Dalí, and more…

Art is the ‘voice’ in which I express myself and communicate with others, and so the subjects and colors I choose change with me. One day I wake up grey and another day I wake up yellow; this alters how I see the world at that instant, thus what I express and share.

In addition to painting, I design and make furniture. I have a passion for parts of old machines, cars, motorcycles, and airplanes. I love working with reclaimed wood and build stuff in industrial style.

My past and my roots play a big role in my work. Being able to express my own perspective about the country I grew up in, has been the ultimate realization of my purpose, and I am honored to share these expressions and emotions with you.

- Tomer Peretz
Tomer Peretz

Tomer Peretz Art. Los Angeles Studio: @ourostudio

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