Welcome to get involved with Ouro Studio.  Ouro Studio is an Art Collective Studio. It is owned by the artist Tomer Peretz and Daniel Meyer. Tomer Peretz is a conceptual artist and painter and Daniel Meyer is a black ink tattoo artist who specializes in dark symbolism and occult imagery.  Together they have created a space to meet the most interesting people in Los Angeles including fellow artists, actors, models, designers and so many others. Ouro Studio is one of the most stylish studios in Los Angeles. The studio discovers, promotes, and supports local artist in hopes of sharing valuable insights into the evolving art market.

There are teacups, lakes, and oceans.

Teacups are shallow, transparent, and impressionable.

Lakes are deap; there’s a place for discovery.  However, with time and effort its mysteries will soon be unraveled.

Oceans.. Oceans have the deepest and darkest of depths.  Oceans are filled with undiscovered life and intertwined with treacherous currents and unpredictability.  No matter the amount of time, there is still so much to reveal.

Ouro Studio, is a place for Oceans.

We have two different ways for you to be involved:

1) Intern: Intern will be assisting Tomer with paintings, photoshoot productions, studio management, event production, customers relation, graphic design, and video editing.

2) Members:  Members will be able to use Ouro studio and be part of the artists community, private events, collaborations, and exhibitions.  Members will be involved in so many activities such as photo shoot productions, sketch nights, jamming sessions, painting sessions, and so many other activities. Tomer will be hands on with Members and guide them in the art world. From teaching them how to paint, how to take professional photographs, to selling art and putting on exhibitions. Members will be not only be apart of the studio but will also be allowed to invite visitors to be involved. Further specifications will be discussed upon joining with Tomer.

Membership Fee: $500 for 3 months

Next step is to fill out our questionnaire and submit it to the studio along with your resume. Someone will then be in contact with you shortly.