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Curiosity brought Tomer Peretz to learn all he can about NFT’s and the art surrounding that space. Patience showed Tomer to slow down and respect his core values; respect the art and not chase the next best thing. Candor is in Tomer’s art and in who he is – as real as it gets. Lastly, tenacity, to not let this realm slip through his reach.
Tomer evolves from traditional art to art of the new ages. His goals are to represent the bridge between physical and virtual art with his focus pinpointing on digital art as the combinations of himself, his work and his experiences.
Upcoming NFT projects categorize themselves as a lifestyle choice and not just collectibles. To be a part of these projects is what the experience is about.
Tomer is an Israeli-American artist who’s been perfecting his skills for over seventeen years. Using materials ranging from oil paints to sharpies and each subject is taken on as a new interpretation. Tomer let’s the intention of the work take precedence and the materials follow.
Now living and working in Los Angeles. The multi-year career of Tomer’s is accumulating at the cross-section of paintings and performance. The past and present collide within his surrealist paintings turned NFT’s. The “Bad Choices” series examines both our most intimate relationships as well as our relationship with our past.
Tomer Peretz is represented by Giancarlo Pedrazzi at the ‘Fabbrica Eos’ gallery in Milan, Italy.


Roadmap 1.0

Roadmap 1.0 is all about getting our community involved with Tomer and our team and welcoming you all to this revolutionary web3 space. We’re here to share amazing art with you and it is imperative that collectors are provided with exclusive benefits to continue the growth of this project. This is a long-term effort as Tomer has been making art for over seventeen years and there are no plans on changing that. Roadmap 1.0 will undoubtedly change. We will invite our holders to help shape and mold this project in the near future.

Phase 1

Q1 2022

  • Launch of our Genesis NFT
  • Initial Community Building
  • Natural Growth of our Members
  • Community Giveaways

Phase 2

Q2 2022

  • Website RE-Development & Launch
  • IRL Collaborations with Other Artists
  • Community Giveaways
  • Intimate Event for Holders Across the Globe
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Pre-Sale / Public Sale for Bad Choices

Phase 3

Q3 2022

  • Collect ‘fragments’ in Order to Build Ones ‘canvas’ to Burn Your NFT’s for an IRL Piece of Art From Tomer’s Collection
  • Official Ouro Gallery in the Metaverse (art gallery and party venue)
  • Community Exclusive Parties, Giveaways and Voting
  • Pre-Sale & Public Sale of Tomer’s Next Drop


  • Special Access & Discounts for Holders on All Upcoming Drops and Events
  • Art Exhibitions IRL and in the Metaverse Along with Live Deejays and More…
  • Continued Collaborations with Artists and the Art World
  • More Projects and Prizes for Our Holders


Tomer Peretz

Conceptual Artist

Robert Baek

creative producer, nft curator Developor

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Cory Gruenfeld

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