On April 18, 2020, Tomer Peretz began a new body of work through the Instagram Live platform. World leaders had recently enforced “Safer at Home” policies in order to slow down the rapid spread of COVID-19 also known as coronavirus. Many people felt isolated and became restless because of the order. In an attempt to uplift his community, Peretz invited his followers into his studio (through social media) to join him in his latest artistic challenge. The objective was to have a conversation with his friends (often celebrities) as he painted their portrait onto a 10-foot canvas – all within a 15-minute timeframe. It was a fun but difficult painting challenge, giving viewers an entertaining visual and unique glimpse into the private lives of his guests. Guests include Jonathan Davis of KORN, Inbar Lavi from Lucifer, Alejandro Edda from Narcos, Magnus Walker, and many many more.

Politically Correct

Ziv Koren


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Yoram Lass

Tzahi Halevi



Noa Kirel

Magnus Walker


Jonathan Davis

Itzik Cohen

Inbar Lavi

Guy Pines

Dots To Lines

Alejandro Edda