Tomer Peretz is a Los Angeles-based Israeli conceptual artist and painter represented by the reputable gallerist Giancarlo Pedrazzi in the ‘Fabbrica Eos’ gallery in Milan, Italy. An artist since his early childhood in Jerusalem, Peretz utilizes a spectrum of platforms, including oil and acrylic painting, photography, and conceptual art to express his unique and contemporary point of view. Afte r serving in the Israeli Military, Peretz suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. His art reflects and draws inspiration from his traumatic experiences during his time on the ship. With an appreciation for realism, surrealism, and the unknown, his breadth of work spans across contemporary and figurative art. Every piece highlights an underlying theme of elements of mystery and his search for the profound. Peretz does not paint in vain, a traveler and spiritual wanderer, his work transcends from the stories and people that have impacted his life and spirit as he captures his subjects in a raw and candid light. A passionate philanthropist and visionary, his art and installations serve to highlight his passions and beliefs and have helped raise money for philanthropic causes he strongly resonates with. His work has been showcased in Los Angeles, Art Basel in Miami, Las Vegas, Mexico, Israel, and throughout Europe.
In early 2020, Peretz began a new body of work through the Instagram Live platform. World leaders had recently enforced “Safer at Home” policies in order to slow down the rapid spread of COVID-19 also known as coronavirus. Many people felt isolated and became restless because of the order. In an attempt to uplift his community, Peretz invited his followers into his studio (through social media) to join him in his latest artistic challenge. The objective was to have a conversation with his friends as he paints their portrait onto a 10-foot canvas – all within a 15-minute timeframe. The painting challenge gives viewers an entertaining visual and unique glimpse into the private lives of his guests. Peretz has collaborated with Gene Simmons of KISS, Jonathan Davis of Korn, Dotstolines, Inbar Lavi, Karim Rashid, Alejandro Edda, Magnus Walker, and many more well-renowned artists. Tomer Peretz is currently participating in key international art galleries and showcases, collaborating with iconic artists, actors, and musicians. He has released his latest collaboration with Gene Simmons which includes 500 hundred signed prints by both him and Simmons.