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Peretz Foundation.

Tomer Peretz, a distinguished artist and survivor of trauma from his military service between 2000 and 2004, as well as his volunteer efforts on October 7th, assisting in clearing deceased individuals from kibbutz Beeri and its surroundings alongside the organization Zaka, has founded an Art Therapy organization offering a unique approach to healing.

Having experienced personal transformations through art during his time as a soldier and later as an artist, Tomer deeply understands the profound impact of artistic expression in processing and overcoming trauma. His organization provides a secure and nurturing environment for groups and survivors of terror attacks to explore their emotions and embark on their healing journey.

Supported by a dedicated team of three experienced board members, including a psychotherapist, trauma therapist, and social worker, the organization offers a comprehensive and trauma-informed approach to art therapy. Through various artistic mediums, participants are guided in expressing and processing their emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Harnessing the creative process, Tomer Peretz’s Art Healing organization empowers individuals to reclaim control, foster resilience, and find hope in the aftermath of trauma.

Healing Studio.

“Tomer Peretz Studio” is a secure and inspiring artistic environment for survivors of the October 7th terror attack, as well as those impacted by the ongoing hostilities in Israel and the global struggle against antisemitism. Presently, the studio already accommodates a few soldiers and different survivors.

Healing Studio in the near future.

Tomer is currently in touch with multiple individuals who have recently been released from hostage situations, survivors of the Nova incident, injured soldiers, and civilians coping with trauma. inviting them to join the Peretz Healing Studio in Los Angeles to collaborate on artistic projects at the studio. My goal is to offer them a safe and supportive environment where they can begin their healing journey from their traumas.

Group work.

Working with groups of survivors, soldiers, and civilians seeking solace and healing from their traumas. To date, has facilitated sessions for over 20 groups. Collaborating with professional art therapists affiliated with the Natal organization, “Peretz Foundation” ensures that his organization offers comprehensive support.

The Exhibition.

In addition, Tomer Peretz is actively involved in creating a new exhibition featuring artworks created by him and Nova survivors, Zaka members, first responders, medics, special forces personnel, injured soldiers, released hostages, bereaved children, and other individuals impacted by the conflict. 

Proceeds from the exhibition will be directed towards sustaining the foundation’s initiatives. The exhibition comprises a total of 10 paintings.

The Support.

If you wish to support our cause and do not need a tax-deductible receipt, please purchase some of our prints:

If you wish to support our cause and do need a tax-deductible receipt, please reach out to me directly:

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