Before, During, Future


48”x16” on fine Art Paper

“Before During Future” is a collaborative artwork created by Tomer Peretz alongside over 100 survivors of the Nova incident. Guided by Tomer, each individual used specific materials and techniques to express themselves through three distinct parts: “Before October 7th,” “During October 7th,” and their aspirations for the “Future.”

After completing their expressions, Tomer integrated his own interpretation onto their work. This project was initiated under The Peretz Foundation’s Art Healing program, known as The 8 Project. Proceeds from sales will support this program and Tomer’s rehabilitation center, which continues to host survivors and individuals affected by the recent conflict.

The original artwork combines all three segments into a single piece measuring 216” x 72”. Limited edition of 100 hand signed on Fine Art Paper Giclee prints of each segment are available for separate purchase with the size of: 16”x16.


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