Tomer’s Demons


This limited edition jacket from Tomer Peretz’s “War Is Over” collection is a true, one-of-a-kind piece that pushes boundaries and exudes authenticity. Made from materials used during war, the jacket symbolizes the end of conflict and the desire for peace. In addition to its unique design, the jacket also incorporates technology through its collaboration with a start-up company to plant a chip inside each jacket that allows the buyer to own it as Crypto Art and authenticate and track its history. Not only does the jacket have a powerful story to tell, but it is also practical for colder weather with its wool or denim extension and windproof, water-resistant construction. The OG-107 design, complete with an aluminum zipper reminiscent of the M-51, adds a vintage touch to these unisex jackets.

Each jacket is a true work of wearable art, with each garment hand-painted by the artist with meticulous detail. It is also sustainably made, using materials that already exist rather than creating new ones, and promotes the idea of no more war. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or just stay warm in style, this jacket is sure to be a conversation starter.


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